They don’t make them like That anymore

  Things are constantly evolving in society and with it people as well. It’s funny to me how often we choose not to see progress and how little we appreciate our lives thanks to those who came before us. So I want to do just that.

 I was with my grandmother just the other day and she started to tell me a story. As most grandparents often do. I thought about how many stories she has. How much she has seen and how much she has survived through. I am lucky to have such a well of experience in front of me and yet how often do I take advantage of that well? Not often enough.

 She had 15 kids. Yes I said 15. That alone is amazing. I can barely handle the 3 I have. I simply cannot imagine having 15.

 One of her daughters had been diagnosed with Polio and she told me that the doctor had advised her that her daughter would never walk again. She would never step her sweet little toes on the Earth and hold her own weight. She would never run in laughter away from her mother. She would never dance and she would never fall to only pick herself back up again.

 I am lucky to have 3 healthy children. How often do I overlook their health? How often do I simply accept it as a fact and never question it?

 My grandmother had a best friend named Pat. Pat was 10 years old when my grandmother’s daughter was diagnosed with Polio. After the diagnosis Pat would come over to my grandmother’s house every day after school. Every single day she was there and she was more regular than any timepiece. Pat would walk in, drop her school books, and pick up that baby girl. She would place her on the tops of her own feet and “walk” her around. She would walk her around Every Day without fail. She was there rain or shine no matter what.

 Pat is the reason that she learned to walk and live a normal life. She sacrificed her days so that my Aunt could have an uninhibited life. My grandmother told me that she could never have asked, wished, or hoped for a better friend than Pat.

 I cannot imagine having a better friend than Pat. I have great friends, but we are all so caught up in our own worlds so very often that we let our lives take center stage. I am grateful for Pat. Not because she gave my life anything but because she was an angel for my grandmother.

  I always saw my grandmother as a strong woman. She didn’t take any crap from anyone. She spoke her mind without constraints. In an era of women who maintained the house and their mouths she was unlike any other. Even in her 60s she could outrun, outwork, and outdo most men. I always envied her strength and her wisdom. Although she had not finished school she had a knowledge of people that could fill 1000 books. To this day I know that her advice about people has no equal.

 She was wild and untamed in her youth and that fire is still deep in her soul. You can see it when she tells you those stories. Her eyes light up in memories and you find yourself in the midst of time travel. I want take advantage of those moments that I was never meant to have. I want to share them so that her stories can last and linger as long as possible.


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