Dearest Father

Dear Father December 2, 2003
You left me alone and empty. So much anger thrives within my soul. That is sad for my skin is clear. My heart is hard, but my soul? Oh my soul, that is the deepest of all the crevices of my being. You tainted the world that created me. You tainted my breath, my being, and my belonging.
Dearest Daddy I love you no matter the hurt but the pain. That pain kills me. I died everyday. My life is empty. My life is dead. I blame you. I blaspheme you. I bury you even in your death. Forget me? No, forget you! I love and hate you. It is all the same. Forgive my anger as I have to forgive your absence.
Dearest Father where are you? Where have you gone? This bothers me most. I will ever remember you no matter the anger or the pain. I will always love and remember you. In all truth I still do.

“Goodbye.” I was unable to say those words to you when you said them to me. I didn’t understand that it would be the last time I could ever say anything to you. “Goodbye. I love you.”

Your Daughter


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