Hold My Hand. I’ll keep the Angels at bay. (February 20, 2008)

Can you feel the wind? Can you taste the air that is beating your brow? It’s a trick. Be patient and see. The swirling cloud above us is not the wind at all; it’s the wings you feel. Look closely again for they are hidden amidst the storm their wings have created.

They are poisoning the sky itself. They are coming for You my dear to take you back with them. They want you back in the Heavens and away from all of this. They do not want you finding solace in my skin. They heard of our love and have forsaken it. They wish to steal you away into this cloud like the demons they truly are. They cannot allow us who are not meant to be, to find salvation with one another. It is me they despise. It is me who will defy them.

Do not worry. I will not let them carry you away. All of my time in Hell has shown me how to cut the wings of any Angel. You my dear are mine. Your face and perfect beauty belong only to me. The smile you own belongs to me now and I will not part ways with it. You brought me above the depths of Hell and showed me a forbidden life. A soul wrenching love opened my heart and broke me down into something new. I have found joy and fear and hope. I had not known these emotions and the intensity that they bear.

No Angel will ever steal you away from me now. I alone shall stand against the flapping of Fate with your hand in mine and my sword at our side. Do not let fear take hold of you. Do not cry. Dare not to whimper. Your tears need not be shed for these sad misguided creatures. It is they who are mistaken. They know not what it is they have embarked on.

They have never known a foe such as me. They have never faced a battle like this. To fight a demon who has found something to love is nothing they have undertaken before. I would have fought for anything. The fight was all I had. I would have laughed and mocked their pain. I might have fallen but I would have done so without any remorse or pleading. I would have laughed as the light of life left my lonely eyes. Death holds no fear within me, but love is something I will not be parted with.

I have been provoked. I have been awakened. I have been reborn into something more. They will all fall by my blade and fury. Feathers will fill this sky tonight. I will molt them down to the earth itself to live there as something they did not begin as. They will suffer unlike any other creature before for their daring and disregard. They will know limitless agony and strife. They will crawl and cry and be nothing within themselves. They will not remember this night or any day before it, but their souls will never forget. Peace will never reside within them again.

We will be together. We will have our love and none shall take it from us. This shall be for our glory. This will all be for your grace, my dear. You are MY Angel now. You are my winged Goddess. Let them come. So do not cry my beautiful one this will all be over so very soon.


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