Writing, write, written… About and for me

I have been writing since I was 7 years old which is over two decades. Shhh.

I wrote my first book for a class and it just continued from there. I have books full of poetry, random thoughts, short stories, full book ideas, and the list continues. I don’t know why I have not ever sat down and put them all together for a blog before.

I am working on a project currently and I’m hoping that this blog can help me hone my ability and practice to refine my writing. Having children has caused me to take a long break in the way I once wrote. I have still written here and there but I haven’t put as much emphasis on it as I should have or really wanted to. I am hoping to better manage my time so that I can make this a regular and consistent part of my life. Writing has always been the best form of expression for me. My emotions, fears, hopes, dreams, and darkest times come to reality through my written words.

Please comment, share my blog link, and follow if you would like. I hope that you can get to know me as a whole person through this blog. So many different things have great meaning to me.

I am as complicated as you. I am as unique as you are as well. I am like and unlike you and yet we have never truly known one another. I look forward to our journey together.


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