No Pain No Grain

I know the title is wrong. The title is incorrect. The title is confusing. Give me a moment to get your approval. A moment is all I need.

Life brings turmoil and pain. Show me a person who is successful and more often than not,  I will show you a person who has triumphed. Character or “grain” if you will is formed by not only living but living through.

Wait, a second now. Everyone is born and so everyone is currently alive, well, unless they aren’t. You are right. People ARE alive, but are they living? Is everyone happy? Is everyone fulfilled and content with their situation in life? No. Sadly we are not all where we want to be or maybe even WHO we want to be for that matter.

Don’t get me wrong. Plenty of people are content. Plenty of people have love and careers or family or money to make their lives have importance and meaning, but what about the others? What about the ones who are searching for something? The ones  who are in the dark stumbling about?

Some of us are lost and lonely. Some of us are in pain. Some of us have faced hardships that life has given us. There are two types of hardships in my opinion: the ones that we bring into our own lives and those that are thrust upon us by life itself.

The first type happens because of the choices we make or even don’t make. We chose poorly. We acted without thought and now we are suffering at our own hands. We had the control but did not know how to best steer the ship.

The second type is out of our control. Nothing we can do will stop what will happen no matter how we try. Perhaps, a love one has died. A natural disaster has destroyed the life we once had and no amount of understanding will ever change that fact. We had the control but that tsunami was coming after this ship and we had nowhere to find safety no matter what we did.

So what does it mean? What do I gain from this? You gain strength if you choose to do so. There is a strength and knowledge that only comes from facing hardship. There is no other way to grow as a person. The two types of hardships do not mean anything more or less when pain is involved. Our hearts will suffer the same in either situation. The difference, the only difference, is You.

What will you do with this knowledge and strength? Will you cower down in tears and defeat? Will you decide to teach and help others with the pain you have come to know? We are all unique in so many ways. We all have our own stories and circumstances, but we are all here.

Today I am here. I am alive. I am choosing to survive my life’s circumstances so that one day hopefully I can inspire another to better survive their own pain.

Strength is not given it is taken by determination. I am determined and I will not let the pain I have known leave me empty-handed.


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