Untitled Work (9/8/04 20 Years Old)

I have so much anger inside of me. I feel that sometimes I am drowning in my anger. I scare myself by being so angry.

I am angry at the environment that bred me to be this way.

I am angry at the absence of my father because he chose the easy way out of life.

I am angry at the absence of my mother because she chose not to be a mother.

I am angry at the physical abuse of a step-mother who broke any spirit I could have had.

I am angry at the guidance of grandparents who never really heard the words I spoke.

I am angry at Friends who used me for their personal benefits and then left me when I was no longer of use to them.

I am angry at my unconditional love.

How am I to show the enormity of my own love when I am not given a chance? I am angry about loving others so deeply and never finding a reciprocal love. A family. I wish I had a family. One that accepted me. One that accepted all of me, my pain, my anger, my somber soul, my pleasures, but most of all my love. I am growing tired of all of the condemnation I receive. I want more than anything to know support. To know and have a family full of encouragement and love. I am Young. I am Young in appearance, but old in soul.


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