When in Doubt talk it Out

I think one of the best forms of relief can be through communication. People go to psychologists and psychiatrists every single day. We do this to be heard. How often do you find yourself seeking out a friend when something happens? You want to spread your good news and you almost need to vent any bad. It is in our nature to talk and communicate.

People are unique in this concept and our ability to think and create sets apart from all other creatures. Social Media and the Internet is a tool that we can use to connect instantly with people all over the world. That is simply amazing.

There are support groups in every nook of the Web. The internet has every imaginable way of reaching out to someone and connecting. It is a truly remarkable tool.

How often do you leave a comment on a post on Facebook? How often do you reply to a tweet? How often do you meet complete strangers and get to know them?

Now, let’s look at this. What are you posting? Are you supportive or do you condemn others? Are you perpetuating a vicious cycle or trying to put good into the world?

I know I have wanted to make poor comments before, but I stopped and thought. What don’t I know? What is this person dealing with on a daily basis and what are they lacking in their life?

We cannot help others if we are pushing negativity onto them. We all make mistakes, we all make jokes that are in bad taste at times, and we can all act without thinking.

Let’s move to change this. Let’s start being caring and complimentary. Let’s be emotionally supportive and warm when someone needs it. We could save a lonely soul if we only try to open our hearts a little more to the world.


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