3 Times an Hour

It normally takes me 15 minutes to take a shower. It’s a routine and you get use to it. I get in, clean, get out. That’s it. 15 minutes.

Every 17 minutes someone decides to commit suicide. That’s 2 more minutes than my shower time. 2 extra minutes to make an unchangeable, irreversible decision.

What was the decision they made? It was nothing like my decision to take a shower. It was the biggest decision their life would ever know and yet they cannot know the absolute consequence of their choice.

We take our lives for granted at times. We overlook the pain that is all around us. We forsake one another and we have few regrets when we do so.

Decisions are being made and these decisions are happening all around us. Help people. Lift people up. Let’s make our choices to celebrate life and to regard one another with respect.



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