Free Yourself

 Giving opens our hearts. So many people in the world are closed and calloused. We are complacent and we simply move about in our daily lives trying to get through the day. Look to the children. They take such joy in the simplest of pleasures and their hearts are free to find joy. There is no better showcase of joy than that of a child who has handed you a flower, rock, or even given someone a hug.

 People have a tendency to shut themselves off because of pain and being hurt. We have all been hurt. We have all hurt others, perhaps even without thought. Do no let your pain cause your heart to be contained. This world of ours needs hope. We need to see the beauty in each other.

 I have a tendency to overlook the good when I am enduring a struggle. I have judged and condemned others because of their choices. I have been judged as well. My heart is constantly searching and I know that it has found peace when it has been selfless. 

 People will take advantage of you. People will be self-seeking when it suits them. Don’t let those instances hold you back from becoming a person of love. Pain is a powerful entity. It can encase us and leaves us broken. Love is more powerful though. It can break hat casing open and breathe life into our souls.

 Look for those who need and would appreciate you. Look to those who are struggling. We can create something more powerful if we use our powers and abilities for others. Never stop helping. Never stop hoping. Our hearts can mend and together we can believe again.


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