Wash it all away

It’s raining here. The rain always brings so many thoughts to the surface of me. It is a cleansing potion. Feeding the earth and all of its beauty. I find power within it. All creatures need water to survive. It is a necessity it is a force unlike any other.

I find myself opened with each drop that falls to my face. They trickle down my skin cooling the surface. How often do we overlook the powers all around us? How often do we take them for granted. The rain is bringing life and beauty and yet to do so it also must bring clouds of darkness.

People are often clouded by darkness and yet we look down upon those who are. Beauty lies within darkness. A beauty of what is unknown. A beauty of life itself.

Power and force can live within the darkness. Be strong and be vigilant. You are someone. You are special. You are a nourishing soul who needs only open up to the world around you. Take solace in your soul and realize that all things are capable of touching the hearts of those within your world.

I will sit in this rain and think of you. I will let your beauty envelope me. I want to see you persevere. I want to see you rain down on those who need to see the cleansing grace of what you hold within your heart. Do not hold back. Do not limit yourself. You are a cloud of life. Be life. Live life. Love life.

Let me know you are here. Let me know you need an ear. I am waiting to meet you all.


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