Change Happens When We Choose

Social Media. It is everywhere. We all have access to it and yet how many times do we see people abusing it and or paying the price of poor judgment? I was on my Facebook account and read a rant. We have all seen them. A person’s opinion being used to belittle another person’s opinion because they have differing points of view. I can’t tell you how many times I read a news article and glance over the comments to see name calling and attacking, by adults no less. We are becoming accustomed to this in our every day. Internet bullying and what is the point?

You don’t agree with me, so you in turn resort to criticizing my picture, my name, my ideas or thoughts. How does that enlighten me toward your view-point? How does that open my mind to a new perspective? It doesn’t. It closes it, firmly. I have disagreed with other people’s opinions. I do all the time. My political, religious, familial, societal views may not mesh with yours but I do not have the right to condemn you because of that. I want to listen to your viewpoint and then in turn have you listen to mine as well. I want to have an exchange of ideas so that we can both leave with new information. That we can consider and think about whether we agree or not.

You and I were raised differently. We cannot agree on everything because of that. Think about your life. Think about my life. You were raised in a strict republican household that held the church in high regard. You attended church every Sunday and you were taught to vote in every election for the republican candidate. I was given the choice to attend church when I felt like it. My heritage is not one based in Christian beliefs. I was spoon fed Democratic viewpoints until I gagged on them. Now, I am removed from those views. My environment was chaotic and ever-changing. I did not have stability. You had two parents who never divorced and gave you everything you could ever wish for. We are not the same. Our environment, our family views, and our inevitable choices made us who we are and gave us the thoughts in our heads. We are different. It is highly unlikely that two people are going to agree on everything. This world is so full of issues and problems. This world is full of choices.

Imagine what we could do if we could agree on just one thing. Think for a second about the impact that 2 people could have on their surrounding society. You don’t think we could affect anything? 2 people from different backgrounds take up the cause to help children who have suffered from child abuse. We join a volunteer program. Through that program we advocate for children. We see to it that their home lives change so that these children can grow up without fear. Over 5 years you and I both reach 5 children each. (Let’s keep it a small number.) That is 10 children. Through vigilance and our furthering our cause we help our Program gain more Volunteers. We are a force and we became a force because we agreed on One simple yet important issue. We took a small step and we acted locally.

People are wasting time. They are resorting to pettiness and it does nothing. I see your comment on my Facebook page and I have judged you right there. You are an anti. You are an against. You are a delayer because you have missed the issue. You have been hurt by an opinion of someone who does not matter and you have taken that opportunity to create drama because of it. What comes of that?

We are all guilty. We have all said something at one point. We have missed the target. We have missed a chance. Don’t tell me some useless fact that doesn’t change anything. Give me something that can affect change. Do something with your opinion. If we all made the effort to promote and advocate for those who can’t or to further awareness there would be NO hate. There would be no pain. We can make a difference. One person can make a difference. One person, given the chance, can change a heart. That is what it all comes down to… the heart.

We have lost touch with our humanity. We are spiraling down a path of hatred and selfishness and it is killing our children. It is killing our future. I am scared of what will happen if we continue to sit behind our computers and bash. Let’s stand up together and build each other up. You and I will never be the same, but our differences do not mean we must be enemies. Let’s change our every day together. I want to post one positive comment on any thread I read. I want to push understanding into the world. I want to be someone who doesn’t force my issues onto others but brings light to problems that we can be aware of. I will do my small part each day and hope that maybe someone else will follow suit. I hope that person can be you.

2 thoughts on “Change Happens When We Choose

  1. This is an amazing post. ❤ Social media definitely has a good and bad side. I absolutely hate reading facebook comments on most articles that pop up on my feed these days because everyone is so overwhelmingly negative, and so quick to point fingers, to blame others, to hate each other. I really wish people could learn to live and let live. We weren’t made to be carbon copies of each other, and having a difference in opinion isn’t the end of the world.


    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. That’s so true. So many are unable to see past their own ideas to listen to others. I believe it’s important to try and understand other opinions because that’s how we will learn as a society and as people period. There is so much missing, why do we need to keep putting holes in others?

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