The Puzzle for this Piece

Writing affords a person the opportunity to express emotions about the things they love. I can write about anything throughout the day that pops into my head. All of my thoughts and feelings can be put down and made to have permanence and meaning at least in my view. This is a new experience for me. Every “artist” has the desire to be seen by an audience. We want an opportunity for feedback. We strive to please not only ourselves but others. Each “artist” can have a different goal, perhaps one seeks a monetary ends. Some artists one to enlighten others and bring new thought and knowledge into the lives of their audience. Others may simply want to be viewed and receive positive feedback. Then there are those who strive to be better themselves. They long for the critique. They long to perfect their skill if only for themselves.
Blogging is a new avenue for me. I have a chance to be seen and in that opportunity I can explore myself and my thoughts in front of others who know nothing but my written words. You don’t know me. You don’t know my history. You only what you see here. There is no background and there is no platonic relationship surrounding these words, helping to shape and guide your opinion. This makes things both difficult and unique. You have the pleasure or pain of reading as unbiased viewers. You can form an opinion based purely on the content and the structure of what it is I have written.
One of the main problems is that I am trying to find my voice as a blogger. As a personal writer for myself I can do whatever it is I want and be happy with my outcome. As a blogger I have you to keep in mind. You can’t help but want to see that follow count increase every time you post a new blog. It can be addictive and it can also diminish the work that you produce. I can already see this in my short less than 2 months of blogging. I don’t want that to mold my writing but at the same time I want to find my niche. I want to be able to hone my skill and I want to be able to perfect and improve on all of my writing. Simply writing for the joy of writing can be done at home in a journal, blogging has more intent behind it, whatever that intent might be.
So, I have to write and I have to have “failures” in some ways. Not all of my works are going to increase my followers or get me “likes.” I need to accept that, but I also need to find my path. The problem with that is that I enjoy so many things. I can be pulled in so many different directions depending on my life and the events occurring at any given point in time. Is it bad form as a blogger to simply write about whatever pops into your head? Should I follow a precise set of topics? If I do that will I run out of material or will I bore my reader? I am not sure. I am an infant blogger. I have been writing my entire life, but this is new territory for me and I am wobbling my way through it as steadily as my baby feet will allow. I wonder about writing movie reviews, I think about gardening tips, beauty regimen advice, my parenting successes and failures, my life experiences, current events… the list goes on and on. Is this too much for a reader? Am I leading you on in a way? If you follow me because of one blog and that topic isn’t touched on again for weeks will you be disappointed?
There are so many questions. I know that my goals play a part in what I need to do. I see some bloggers with donate buttons and advertisements on their pages and I feel insecure in these areas. I do not believe that I have a) the following and b) the content and experience at this point in my timeline to even attempt to ask for these things. I want to enlighten others. I want to engage your mind and perhaps leave you with a view point that you never would have perceived before me. I want critiques. I want interactions with new people. My goal is to perfect my writing and to find my niche or to simply touch on all of the things that my heart feels as long as I can do so in a cohesive and structured way. I am learning with each new post. I see what is drawing people to me and I see what is not. I am attempting to work on myself as a blogger and I cannot do it without an audience and their opinions.
Let me know your thoughts. Give me some feedback if you have but a moment. I would appreciate your input and your thoughts on this. You can help me form myself and become the best blogger that I can be. I may not be anyone famous one day, but perhaps I can find myself as a writer and to an audience that will appreciate what I have to offer them. Thank you all.


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