Children Raised in Fear

Fear lends to distrust. I know from experience. As a child I was distrustful of everyone. It seemed like everyone had an evil secret after awhile. The sad thing is that children who are raised in an environment of pain desperately want to love others. They want someone to genuinely love and care for them even though they are fearful of it as well. Children are not born distrustful they are made to be that way.

A baby has no choice but to believe that someone will care for it. If it does not get the care it needs then it will slowly begin to realize that it is not going to be cared for at all. As adults we have to try to see that in the children who have undergone pain. Children are so full of emotion and it is intense. They love more strongly than adults but they also fear deeper as well. It saddens me that so many children are suffering. I believe that our childhoods are the most important time in our entire lives. It is so vital that this time is filled with joy and peace because we all know that as we age life gets harder.

I am not ashamed of my life. It is something that happened. Something that I could not control when I was young. It was also something that taught me. I hope that we can look at children and see that they have personalities. They have hopes, goals, and dreams. They are people although they may be tiny they are still people. Reaching out to those who need it will not be easy, but they deserve so much. If we can show them love and encouragement then they can still have a chance to succeed in life. There is always hope.


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