Our Senses

Today my eldest asked me which of our senses is the most important one. It was a simple and yet random question. Have you ever felt like an idiot because of something so small? I told her that it was one of those things that would probably depend on the person. We each have those things that hold more meaning for us. We each cherish different aspects of life more than others.

Take my husband for example: he loves music. He has played the guitar since he was a teenager and he listens to music each and every day. If he were to lose his hearing it would probably be the hardest thing for him to recover from. Now, I won’t lie the man can play deaf extremely well when it is convenient for him, but I think in the general broad scope of things that if he were to suffer from complete loss of hearing that he would be devastated. I, myself, would probably be more partial to my sight. I like writing and I enjoy the visual beauty of the world around me. Plus as a mommy we sometimes wish for peace and quiet!

This simple question had me thinking though. It is funny that I say that we would choose the senses we would because my husband does have trouble hearing. He has listened and played music too loudly for too long and it has slowly chipped away at his hearing. He compensates by listening to music louder which leaves me to feel like one day he WILL be completely deaf. Then take me I already have vision problems myself! How odd that the senses we most value seem to be the ones that are deteriorating faster.

Another thought was about babies. They are immersed in new. They find themselves unable to avoid their senses because their senses overwhelm everything. This is how they learn. This is how they experience. My baby literally licks everything right now. He will pick something up, roll it around in his hands for a second and examine it, then it’s straight to the mouth. He has to taste it. It’s a full exposure for him. He has to taste, touch, smell, see, and feel everything.

It is amazing how our senses play such a vital role in the smallest of things and how we can overlook the care we should afford them. I know this one is random! Life is full of random though. I’ll be working on my book for a while and until I get the material I want in it together, my blogs will be this and that. Have a good night all.


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