Dating 101

We know the word. We know the connotation, but somehow the actual act of “dating” has been muddled over the past few years. It was once considered a means by which people would look for a “mate.” It was a trial period used to “court” and determine if people were compatible. Think about dating you may come up with one scenario for a night out. Perhaps you think of the act of dating long term in order to find someone you think you can be happy with for the rest of your life. Other people may just look at it as a way to have fun and not take things too serious.

There are so many aspects for a single person that may not mesh with another single person. Over time you realize what you are looking for and you start to hone in on that particular set of goals. For some reason though dating is becoming an outdated ideal. Men and women both are finding themselves in romantic situations that they may not have wanted to be in. We all have these molds that we want our mates to fill and somehow filling them can be so much harder than what we expect.

My next few blogs are going to focus on the dating world. It is a world of humor and oftentimes one of disappointment. The thing is that it is something that nearly all of us can relate to. Men and women all over the world are searching for someone. The thing is that we don’t all want the same things and a lot of times we also don’t express that up front. By not doing that we can get ourselves into all sorts of predicaments.

What does a woman want from a man? What does a man want from a woman? What does anyone want from anyone? How do you need to behave during the dating period? What is the ultimate goal? Why do we play “games” and what is the point of playing them? These are all questions that I hope we can figure out together.

I hope you will stick around for this series of posts. You might just read something new and interesting.


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