Dating Rules for Real People

1) Don’t be dishonest. Be honest with yourself and the people you date about what you want. Don’t lie about your looks if you are dating online. Don’t lie in general about who you are. If you are serious about having a relationship then give it a good start.
2) Mystery is always sexier than over sharing. If you go on a first date and tell your date all of your weaknesses, flaws, and drama don’t expect to get a second date. Don’t get this rule and the first rule confused. I’m not telling you to lie, just keep your personal problems to yourself until you are both sure that you are going to want to be in a relationship.
3) Impressing makes an impression. Don’t be late. Don’t show up dirty. Don’t stay on your phone the entire night. Give your date your attention and the best of you that you can offer.
4) Desperation shows, Confidence is key. This one is pretty simple to understand. People are drawn to others who are confident. Think about it. What type of person are you attracted to? Do you want someone who is needy and desperate or are you interested in someone who is happy with themselves?
5) Be aware. Don’t let yourself get fooled. Some people are looking for someone and some people are looking for someone to play games with. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve and be cautious enough to be smart.
6) Go on a date! So many people don’t do anything anymore. Hanging out with friends is great, but do something special too. Go to the movies. Go paintballing. Go for a hike in the woods. Visit an art gallery. The idea is to stand out and to do something that the both of you will enjoy.
7) Don’t play games. We have all done it, but don’t expect to find anything of worth if you do play games. If you are upfront from the beginning then you won’t need to worry about playing games. Remember that just because you are serious doesn’t mean someone else is going to be. If you look then you will see if they are serious too.
8) Everyone has baggage. Don’t let you baggage weigh you down. If you drag it around with you everywhere it will make it harder for others to see past it too.
9) Respect. Have respect for yourself and don’t put up with anything that you don’t want to put up with. Don’t let anyone treat you in a way that you don’t want to be treated.
10) Have an open heart and be available. If you are closed off then you will never be ready for a relationship.


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