5 ways depression makes you a bad friend

A Wonderful Blog by “Just a Blog” about the realities of those who suffer from depression and what those around them can expect.

Just a blog

Depression is a bitch. It turns you into a raving lunatic. If the people in your life have never been affected by it, you’re going to have a bad time.

There is no shortage of information on depression, just ask google, but those are just words on a screen. Depression isn’t about words. It cant be explained like a physical medical problem. It’s not a broken leg or appendicitis. It’s not technical. Its emotional, and we all know that emotion is for pussies. Emotion makes you a whiney little brat. Nobody wants to be friends with a whiney little brat. Here are some reasons why depressed people seem like shitty friends, and why you shouldn’t write them off just yet.

1. You don’t return phone calls, or texts, or emails, or facebook messages…

There is this thing that happens to depressed people. I don’t know the technical term for it…

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