My Darling Doll

She sits as a cherub in a pool filled of hopes. Bathing her skin in their dreams. The water trickles down her face like treasured tears. I won’t wipe these glorious tears from her soft cheeks. Let them glisten on her skin and sparkle as long as they dare.

Her eyes of emerald light up the day and within them nature finds itself envious of their own natural beauty. Her voice rings out to the world like a bell of pure crystal.

Her frail image is set before an ocean of paths that her feet have yet to embark upon. I look to the footprints that she will leave as she makes her way in the world. She stands to her feet and exits the pool to call out to the world around once more. The world hesitates at the angelic nature of her voice. The wind stops to listen to her sweet tones echo in its existence.

Once dipped in a daisy of petals and pearls she is now standing before me and she stares with a knowledge I will never understand. I see in her smile a chance to be whatever she wants. She is open to the world and it opens itself to her as well.

Her life is so young but lives in her head and in her heart. My heart is terrified of temptations, and pains that may puncture that pool of hers and empty its waters away taking all of her dreams with it.

Oh how I dream to let her be free but I know that chains will one day come. The chains of adulthood, the chains of heart-break, the chains of losing these simple moments into moments that do not truly matter.

My love. My first real love. This moment will never leave me.

6 thoughts on “My Darling Doll

  1. Loved it! You are quite the writer! Also what to tell you that you are not alone in the aftermath of suicide. Not sure if you are aware, but my ex-husband tragically ended his life at a young age..It leaves those behind in so much pain…Thanks for all you are doing to promote awareness..Deana


    • Thank you Deana! I am so glad you enjoyed the piece and I was not aware of what had happened with your Ex. I am so sorry. It is a very difficult type of loss to overcome.



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