Life is not Real

This world is not ultimately real. Nothing that we touch will ever follow us into eternity. Pain is fleeting. Life is fleeting. Hatred will die as our bodies wither into ash. Sadness and sorrow play with us now but after that tomorrow, which will eventually come, they too will slink away into the solace of all shadows.

My face is a mask that guards my soul. I am not empty without my face. It is empty without me.

My hands touch and tickle at moments that will one day be less than memories. My memories treasure them now but who will care for them when my memories are matted between earth and dust?

This moment will be nothing when I am gone. My children will not hold me and they will no longer kiss my cheek. My love will fly into the eternity that I have been promised.

Money is meaningless. Wanting is wasting. Lusting is lavish. Fear is fleeting. I am nothing today that I will be in my future. What makes me worthy? What makes life worthy?

These moments that are nothing are more than unique. They are exquisite. They are astonishing. They are breathtaking. Don’t fill them with materials that will decay along-side your skin.

Take these moments and make them into your legacy. Let them live their own untouchable existence after you are no more. Cherish those children who will speak of you. The ones who will dream of you. The ones who will look back to you.

Love. Do more than love. Relish those you may miss. Take their hands and trace their curves and callouses with your own rigid fingertips. Stop time. Close your eyes and do nothing but exist. Be this. Be this now, that which you so often rush away.

Stop the worry and halt all anxiety. Stop everything. Close your eyes and taste the salt in the air. Inhale the scent of nature that surrounds you. Listen to the wind rustling over trees that it has mingled with for centuries. Be envious of that unbridled dance that only the wind can endure. Overwhelm your senses by using them. Overwhelm your heart by losing yourself to them. Lose yourself to them.

Devote yourself to knowledge and grow something intangible. If nothing is real except for “us” and our thoughts then make yourself full of nothing more than thought. Force knowledge to exist with you in this life and the one after it. Force knowledge to impassion your very soul.

Knowledge is more than reading. Knowledge is giving. Knowledge is found in the eyes of another. Knowledge lives in the strength of friendship. Knowledge is found in introspection. Knowledge is gained by pushing ever forward and never stopping. Knowledge is found in the histories of those who have survived beyond their struggles. Knowledge is the ultimate truth and it cannot exist without it.

Ultimately nothing in this world is real except for the people who will continue to exist through knowledge.

So, what do you know?

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