Friendships Close

True friendship is based primarily on two things: respect and trust. If either are not present than you cannot have an honest or healthy friendship.

Betrayal of either one of these values will permanently leave behind doubt. Doubt of that person and of the actions they are committing ,or possibly committing against you. This doubt will eat away at your heart. Once one has betrayed you in the aspect of respect then the trust of that person will also dwindle. If you cannot trust someone then you do not truly have a friend in them.

Respect is much more important to a friendship, or any relationship for that matter, than people realize. It is as necessary as air is to breathing. If you have a problem then you should attempt to respectfully confront the person. Don’t find someone else to talk to about them. People talk. Rumors will be spread and before you know it the person you were upset with will also be upset with you. More likely than not they will be upset with you about something quite different than what they should be. We all make mistakes and we can all be rude, but when you care for someone you should confront them. Sometimes taking a break and gathering yourself is the best thing to do. Don’t jump at them full of anger or questioning. Think about what you need and what you don’t need to do.

Sometimes relationships should simply end. All people are not suitable for each other. There are those who will take advantage. There are those who will manipulate. There are those who will lie and degrade. There are those who simply do not care. Safeguard your relationships as you should safeguard your heart, for they are intertwined.

“I appreciate what she has done for me but now I can no longer respect her. She has been disrespectful to me in more than one way and forgiveness is not an easy thing to earn. Most of all it’s not a thing I wish to throw about at people who will only commit the same acts over and over without remorse.”

Some friendships are never meant to be more than memories. Don’t dwell on the ones who have left and don’t allow them to influence your future friendships either. We are ever-changing beings and because of that we can easily grow apart. Some people grow and mature and some people stagnate. Don’t be held back by those who’s desires do not coincide with your own.

You are free to befriend and also defriend. Live your life and love those you allow within it completely.

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