What is Loyalty?

Loyalty is defined as a strong feeling of support or allegiance. It seems like a very blank definition for something that should have a much grander place in our society.

Loyalty. What does that word actually mean to a person? What does that word mean to me? What should that word mean? We all desire people in our lives that we can count on. More than that we long for people that we can trust. Loyalty must contain trust or it cannot truly exist.

Friendships need loyalty. Girls and guys have their sayings…”bros before…” and “chicks before…” but how many of us are truly loyal to one another? Betrayals happen every second of every day. We jump from friend to friend feeding them lies and distrusts to maneuver ourselves into a better position. So we can come out looking clean next to their dirty laundry.

Corporations no longer glorify and respect their customers like they once did. Customers have become faceless wallets to these conglomerations that makeup our country. As customers we can be fickle and unapologetic. We jump from brand to brand and do so on whatever whim drives us. Companies have lost their loyalty to their employees. The worker struggles to get by and while they do they line the pockets of the CEO as he lounges on his yacht.

As citizens we preach our pride on holidays but every other day we condemn our country. We fear the loss of our civil liberties and we degrade the politicians that we believe are only being loyal to those with money. Our Country has lost its loyalty to its people and has forgotten the struggle of the men that put this society into reality.

In relationships we desire loyalty and yet our hearts and eyes so often wander. We end up hiding from our own desires only to find ourselves falling right into them. Loyalty must remain in tact in order for an intimate relationship to stand the test of time.

As parents we have an unstated loyalty to our children. We are their comfort, we are their support. How often do we see parents who do not portray loyalty to their children? Children are being abandoned. Children are being overlooked. Children are being discarded as though they are less than people, or even human.

Where is that strength of support? Where does our allegiance lie? Have we left ourselves open to pain by losing something so very valuable?

I want to instill loyalty into the fabric of all relationships. It is vital for us to be able to respect and be honest with one another. I say, “Bring Loyalty Back!”

Not all are without loyalty. There are many who still hold this value deep within themselves. They are the ones we need to treasure. If we build them up and build these values up perhaps we can create a desire. Let’s desire and long for morality and faithfulness to be a standard once more. Let’s bring humanity back to a place of consideration. Let’s be people of earnestness.


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