Seeking A Better Me: (Inner) Selfie Sunday

One of the major things that sets people apart from all other creatures is our ability to be self-aware. We have an amazing opportunity to grow and become more “open” as people. What steps can we take to do this though? What effort is needed to actually become the best version of yourself? There are many things that can be done.

Every person is unique and has unique characteristics but there are some things that all people have in common. For example we are all capable of being our “best” or “worst” version of ourselves at any point in time. I tend to obsess over mundane details in my daily life. I can also easily become depressed. These are two of aspects of me at my “worst.” On the other hand I am highly capable and I can also learn new things easily these are a few aspects of me at my “best.”

How we improve is first a matter of acceptance. We must first accept both our best and worst selves and try to understand that every person has both. When you can first accept these two parts of yourself then you can begin to understand the depths of what you are truly capable of.

I have a few techniques that you can look into your inner self. One technique is to simply sit and look at your flaws and your strengths. If you want you can make a list. Writing these items down is a good way to visualize the flawed aspects of ourselves. This is not meant to keep your focus on the negative. It is meant to bring it into the open so that you can both be aware and work on improvement. Another tactic is to set aside a few minutes each day to simply focus on improvement. If you are like me and can obsess then take a few minutes a day and completely let go of all of your worries and thoughts. Practice quiet meditation where you don’t think. I know it sounds difficult but over time you will improve and you will also feel a weight being lifted off of your shoulders.

Taking an inventory of your characteristics is one of the first steps needed to seek self-improvement. Once you know yourself you can then start on a path to finding and becoming the best version of you possible. This version is the version you see when you meet successful truly happy people. That is not to say that they don’t have their moments but it is to say that they do have more control over those weak moments.

3 thoughts on “Seeking A Better Me: (Inner) Selfie Sunday

  1. Nice one. I could follow both the methods.
    But you see, my worst habit is i loose interest too soon and too lazy to follow the good path all the time. I tend to divert and get distracted. I feel like this is a cycle for me and breaking this is my destiny 😛 🙂



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