The One Lovely Blog Award


The One Lovely Blog Award nominations are chosen by fellow bloggers for those newer or up-and-coming bloggers. The goal is to help give recognition and to also help the new blogger reach more viewers. It also recognizes blogs that are considered to be “lovely” by the fellow-blogger who chose them. This award acknowledges bloggers who share their story or thoughts in a beautiful manner to connect with their viewers and followers. In order to “accept” the award the nominated blogger must follow several guidelines. I have these guidelines listed below.

Once again, thank you Phoenix-The Rebirth of My Life for the nomination and acknowledging how “lovely” my blog is.

The guidelines for the One Lovely Blog Award are:
•Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
•Add the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post and/or blog.
•Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
•Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

7 Things About Me:

1) I created my blog in April of this year and it has slowly evolved into something more than my initial idea of what it was going to be.

2) I am currently writing several books that will soon be published. The genres vary and I am very excited to be able to get my work out there into the world.

3) I am a Volunteer with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and also an Advocate as well. Suicide Prevention is something that is a very dear cause to my heart.

4) I enjoy the act of writing on numerous topics. My main topics include my family, past struggles, and creative writing itself.

5) I went through 7 years of legal battles to safeguard my daughter. I learned quite a deal from the experience and soon hope to be able to share that story as well. I want to enlighten others who are also in the midst of court so that they understand what they can do to have a better outcome as well.

6) I have finally been allowed in the past year to pursue things that make me happy. Court and some pretty awful people kept me silent for fear of anything negative happening. I did what I had to in order to protect my family.

7) I am looking forward to seeing myself evolve as a writer. I haven’t been able to write as I would like to in the past few years and I can tell that my abilities have suffered somewhat because of that. I have made a promise to myself that I will practice and work on improvement. I know that I can be better than what I currently am and I am also seeking my “voice” so that I can have a strong story to follow my words.

Thank you once again Phoenix I am ever so grateful for being selected by you for this award. As a new blogger it is difficult to reach out to others and I do want to take this opportunity to do just that.

I am choosing 10 myself as I have only been doing this a few months I feel that I do not have as large of a well to draw on for my nominations. My nominations are:
1: Who also shares in my goal of raising mental awareness and suicide prevention.
2: Who uses humor to bring awareness to dark situations such as domestic violence.
3: Who has an interesting take and blogs two sentences at a time.
4: Who blogs from the perspective of a good ole boy and enlightens us all.
5: Who feeds us fantastical fiction as it flows from her head.
6: Who has a wonderful Stream of Consciousness Saturday that truly engages her audience and pushes other bloggers to grow in their own writing.
7: Who writes about her adventures in children and hiding from them. 😉
8: Whose interesting take on coinciding with the beast within while maneuvering through this thing called life.
9: Whose anonymity cannot cover the kindness of her heart.
10: Whose own love of the value and intricacies of words matches my own.

Thank you once again Phoenix and I hope that you will all take a look at these other unique bloggers as well. Good luck to you all.

16 thoughts on “The One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you Susie, you have such a wonderful blog and do such fantastic work it is an honor to get a nod like this from you. I wish you the best with your writing and your volunteer work.


  2. Reblogged this on journeyofmythoughts and commented:
    My day had a wonderful start. 🙂
    I was nominated for “The one lovely blog award” by Susie. Thank you so much for this Susie. It really means a lot and coming from you just adds more value to it. And thanks for your kind words. There couldn’t be a better start to my day. You gave me a reason to smile today. I was so happy and i’m smiling so much that my colleagues are wondering whats going on 🙂 I am not going to tell them anytime soon. It is so strange how a some things can make us so happy and become the power source for the whole day. It is an amazing feeling and i am more motivated than ever.
    Please check out her wonderful blog out here “”.


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  4. What a wonderful idea! I recently discovered this award and appreciate the way it recognizes new bloggers that make an impact while also creating a network for current bloggers. I would love to learn more about how to get this started on my own blog…can I start it without being nominated or does that take away from the process? Thanks for sharing!


    • Vmilagros,You could nominate other bloggers that would be the best way to share the award. The idea is to be nominated and nominate others once you have been nominated. Maybe you could create a new award and share it with us all! Happy blogging and good luck!!

      Liked by 1 person

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