Conversations with Children: Mommy Monday

The kids are trying to get up in the bed. Sister gets underneath Brother and pushes him onto the bed. He reaches for the television remote and says, “Wanna watch a mooney (sp: movie)?” Cuddling in the bed is our time to lay on top of one another and wrestle around and just spend some good time together. This is the conversation that resulted from this mornings cuddling session.

B: “Penguin, penguin, penguin.”
S: “Stop saying penguin, it’s getting annoying.”
B: “Mom, I can’t go hide.”
S: “Get out of the bed like that Ding Ding or I’m going to race after you.”
B: “Hello, Kiki Hello. I am awesome. Ouch. Where’s Kiki? Kiki?” Sigh… “Kiki come this a way. This a way. Oh there you arr (sp)!”

He then takes her face in his hands and begins to squeeze and smush it. He sticks his finger in her nose and they start wrestling. Feet are on top of heads. Arms are tangled with legs. Butts are flopping on bellies. The boy is dominating his quarry.

S: “Get off of me. Get off of me.”

Hands are smacking. The boy stands with his robotic mode activated. His movements are slow and deliberate. He looks us over as he lifts each leg to a perfect right angle before placing his foot down. As his foot comes down he makes sure to use the sound effect to emphasize that something important has happened.

S: “Im getting in the navy after this. I’m really getting in the navy now. I can’t breathe like this. I can’t breathe. Finally fresh air.”

The boy resumes his towering position and robot noises ensue. He takes account of all he can see and then once more dives under the blankets to terrorize his sister. He comes back out as the winner while she hides under the blankets. He sits beside me and gently rubs his hand on my face and arm then robotically stomps back down to where his sister is lying in wait.

B: “Spiderman is my guy. Hey you guy…psssht psssht.”

He then jolts out of the room and returns with his spiderman doll riding on his back.

S: “You can’t get up here.”
B: “Oh yea, Spiderman do it. Look. Spiderman don’t get covies (covers). I be gone now. Hey, hey.”

He shoves Spiderman in after the hiding girl.

S: “I am on the top covers. Get in my cave.”

They join in together and screams of help and disapproval fill the air.

S: “This is our home. It’s time for bed. Aw, my eye.”
B: “Where are you?”
S: “Stop touching my butt.”
B: “Spiderman get out. Yea. Oh Yea. Spiderman big. Hey you. Psst pssst pst.” Grunting noises. “Spiderman.”

He squeezes Spiderman’s hand and tries to pinch his fingers off. He is not successful in his attempt and eventually gives up.

S:”Mama… I am baby Spiderman.” Fake Crying. “Change my diaper. It’s poopoos.”
B: “Oh No. It’s stinkies. No you done. I change you diaper. Dere (there) I got my ding ding.”

They then ran into the living room to pursue their incoherent conversations elsewhere. Ahhh, the life of a mom is never dull.

53 thoughts on “Conversations with Children: Mommy Monday

  1. You are right, there is never a dull moment with little kids. The two-year-old I nanny says the funniest things!


    • I look forward to being able to look back on things like this and even showing them to the kids when they are older. I think it will definitely be something I am happy I did when I could.



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