Temperament Tuesday

Temperament is defined as a person’s or animal’s nature, especially as it permanently affects their behavior. The nature of people makes up their personalities. I have always been intrigued by the different personalities of people. As a writer these types of things push me to develop well-balanced and realistic characters that my audience can identify with or even loathe. As a person I enjoy being able to watch people and see how their unique circumstances and inevitable choices affect their lives.

We are surrounded by people daily. Whether it is on the internet, in the supermarket, at work, or anywhere else we decide to go. Being able to coexist with one another is vital to our survival and happiness. So what drives people? What do people think about? I think you have to look at one simple question to be able to understand another person a little bit better. That question is: What do they want? Now you can think about this on a few levels. You could look at their immediate desires. Maybe they are reaching out for help. I think essentially that we are all driven by a main desire. Some of us want to be respected. Some want to be held in high regard. Some want financial security. Others want to appear a certain way. Each of us have our own singular desire and this desire is what drives us to act and inevitably make decisions they way that we do.

Once we are able to understand what drives a person we will be more open to understanding one another. All people have desires and all people have set-backs. These two influences have a major impact on our personalities. Given the opportunity to reach our goals we see a completely different side of someone. Sometimes that change is better and sometimes it is worse.

These Temperament Tuesdays are set to look at personalities whether they are fictionalized characters, real people, or imagined creations of my own concocting. I hope that others will join in and together we can dissect the nature of people so that as writers we can grow in character development and as people we can grow in understanding.

2 thoughts on “Temperament Tuesday

  1. This is interesting. I actually view this in the same ballpark as setting expectations and communicating them. When you do both, you get a clear understanding what someone wants. The information is so clear, the moment you fall short of these expectations, you are able to know exactly where and how to fix it.

    However, when people fail to communicate any expectation, well, the other person is completely unaware as to how or when they fell short, and how to fix things. Communication is so vital, but far too many refuse to effectively communicate expectations. Good post


    • I agree that too many don’t understand the necessity of good open communication. I think that many of us who do understand it allow it to be pushed aside by others as well.



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