Writing Exercise: Description

One of the most important parts of being a good writer is being able to describe. Descriptions are used in our everyday but in writing they are as vital as air. There are many different types of descriptions too. Some descriptions can be physical traits, personality characteristics, there are emotional descriptions. The ability to describe is part of our human journey. We have interactions and in those interactions we want to be able to properly relay information. In order to do that we find ways of sharing our meanings with others.

I wanted to describe an object today for Wednesday’s Writing Exercise. I hope that you will enjoy this exercise and perhaps you will even take part by creating your own description. If you do please feel free to link back to this post. Happy writing!!!

I ran my palm across it’s surface. There was a compacted sturdiness to it. It felt granular like sand but with smooth cold pieces jutting out every few inches. There was a cut on my thumb that became snagged as I slid my hand along it’s spine. I looked down to see the skin that had been torn as I groped aimlessly about. Pieces of flesh were missing but there was no blood. It was a small cut that was barely noticeable to the eye. My skin around the cut became as rigid as this monument and yet it was still so supple and soft. What a contrast my skin was to the sturdy mass I stand beside. Life is frail when you hold it next to something that can never truly age. I looked back to it and stopped to ponder within myself. It was as if I was finally realizing the depth of what stood before me. The colors were muted but stark all at once. An unnatural dance must have once taken place to mix sand and fieldstones in this manner. Their dance created this rigid obstacle that would never bow to any who happened upon it. How many paths have been obstructed by this creation? How many feet have stopped before it? How many have wondered the same thoughts that I sit and wonder now? Time has moved but this barrier has remained since the day it was set in place. It is a time-traveler. It leads the ultimate existence. One of knowledge. One of beauty. One of never-ending observation. I lean against it knowing that my weight is nothing it cannot handle. I am filled with the knowledge that it was made to provide safety. Beauty lives here because of it and within it. I choose to see the beauty and not the wall that surrounds it.



4 thoughts on “Writing Exercise: Description

  1. Great interpretation on the frail nature of life. In the grand scheme of things, our existence pales in comparison to the universe. It makes you undergo great humility, when you realize this.

    “Life is frail when you hold it next to something that can never truly age”


      • Wherever I go, the first thing people say to me is usually something relating to humility. LoL. Ever since I was a child, I was severely quiet. I always kept to myself, but had no issues making friends. I think the humble presence derives from my quiet demeanor. Besides that, a boisterous presence is just not part of my DNA. Thanks for posting this one. It is always a pleasure engaging with others. I hope your day is going well.


        • There is something to be treasured in silence and those who gravitate toward it tend to be more in tune with their surroundings than those who are boisterous. I hope that you will have a wonderful weekend.



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