There are these moments when I still fear. After living within it for so long it has taken it’s toll on my heart and soul. I cannot push it away from me completely. It has built an existence within my own and I am unable to guard against it. Most of the time these fears are small. They are silly and inconsequential but fear does not care about logic or reality. Fear only cares about growing. It doesn’t matter to it how it starts.

It can be an inkling. Perhaps you worry about seeing someone. It settles within you and it digs down deep within you. You may even forget about your fear for a bit. It is a ploy. It wants you to forget so that when it comes back it is stronger than before. You imagine a scenario this next time. One where you lose. Perhaps your ego falls flat, or you are mocked openly, or maybe it is something completely different. Your fear eats at what matters most and it fuels its need to be magnified. It grows within you until taking even taking breath is difficult. It festers and forces you to live around it. It has consumed you and now you are more a part of it than it was ever a part of you. You are now so small within it that you cannot recall who you once were.

Remember. Force yourself to be pushed to the surface. Fight. Find your reasons. There is nothing that can harm you. Fear wants you to believe that you are powerless. Fear wants you to be riddled with insecurity. Find your strength and push past the fear. Embrace your beauty. Breathe. We are all different. We are all gifted. We can all be strong. Be strong because it is what fear is scared of. Be strong because it will protect. Be strong by practicing. Find your beauty. Look for your power. Be content with what you are.


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