A Campaign to help Combat Suicide

I was doing some Suicide researching and I ran across this Kickstarter page. The project creator went through a very trying time and had even considered suicide. They changed their mind because of the random act of kindness from a single stranger. Sometimes we don’t think that there is anything that we can do to make a difference in the world. Too often people see the world as a whole. If you look at it that way it can be overwhelming and you can honestly feel like there is nothing that you could do to help. Sometimes we don’t realize that we can effect change one person at a time. Reaching out to those around us is the easiest way to start helping others. Suffering happens everywhere. Suffering is not limited to a single area, person, or idea. Suffering can be unnoticed but it can also be helped.

Reaching those around us is more than possible. This is how we can make a true difference. By helping someone in your everyday you never know what you can inspire. You can do more with a single person who once needed help than you may realize. When you touch the life of another you never know how far your reach can extend.

This Kickstarter project is geared toward creating a book filled with letters written by strangers to strangers. The creator is looking to inspire, uplift, and speak to the hearts of those who may be in the midst of desperation. Our words can create a world of difference and I think this could be an amazing way to be a part of something beautiful.

I am in no way connected to this project (other than being a backer) and my intentions are simply to help where I can. Please take a look at this page and donate if your heart leads you to do so. The goal has already been met and they recently extended the initial goal because of how well they have been doing. I am sure that any additional help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

7 thoughts on “A Campaign to help Combat Suicide

  1. It is really loving and moving to see you support such a strong campaign and I honor so. I ran across your article after looking through the blogsphere on those invested in the suicide prevention field. I am currently building an alternative youth suicide initiative, here in NYC called Chapter of Understanding. Please check us out at
    http://www.chapterofunderstanding.org/ and hopefully you’ll follow our journey as well. 🙂



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