Conversations with Children: #mommymonday

Rainy Days leave everything to the imagination. Today the living room is filled with noises and epic battles.

Sister(S): Humming to herself in the chair with her face pressed into the cushion.

Brother(B): Jumps onto the sofa and kicks his feet wildly. He then rubs his face into the sofa.

Grunt aka Baby(G): Crawls to the sofa by his brother. He stands and yells “ttttttttts” into his brother’s ear.

G: “mmmmmmm” Begins to fake cry.

S: Picks up the Grunt and takes him back to her chair. The Grunt wiggles his way out and crawls off.

B: Jumps up and tries to run Sister over with a toy.

S: “Don’t run me over. No. Don’t run me over.” She stands up.

G: “Uh uh uh uh uh uh”

B: Crawls underneath his sister.

S: “I could sit on you!”

G: Unamused the Grunt crawls away.

B: Jumps up and gets in her chair. “I in you chair. Hey, I in you chair.”

S: “Hey, that’s my chair.”

G: “dadadadadadadadada Yip!”

They begin to wrestle over who can dominate the chair.

S: “Hey, you’re going to mess up my hair.” (The dreaded teen years are coming soon. Help me.)

G: Screams from out of nowhere.

B: “My chair. I not.” He giggles like he is innocent. “I bigger!”

S: She giggles back at him.

B: Robot noises ensue. “Beep Boop Bop. My Finger! She hit my finger, Mom!” He comes and sticks his finger in my eye. Literally in my eye. Under my glasses cornea scraping eye touching. “Dook Mom.” He then runs into his bedroom to pout and gain the upper hand. His faint voice can be heard from the distance as he plots his revenge.


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