Generating Ideas: #writingexercisewednesday

The Dreaded Writers Block! Ahhh. How all writers loathe it. We fear it and we do our best to avoid that blank wall of creative death. There are so many ways to create ideas though. Ideas live and breathe in everything. Our world was born from an idea and so was everything in it. It is truly amazing indeed. I wanted to share a few idea generating techniques with you today.

1: Get out of the house, your office, or even that Starbucks. Walk around a street you’ve never been on. Go out into the woods and listen to nature as it calls out its song. Just change up your routine and clear your mind. Don’t look at it as having a goal either. Just look. Use your eyes and remove yourself from all that surrounds you.
2: Listen. People talk about everything. Kids talk non-stop. Vocal communication is everywhere. Listen and perhaps only a single word will stand out but that is all that it takes. One word can create something grand. One word can start a fire.
3: Go back into your writing hideaway and look at that blank paper. Write down random words. Make a spiderweb of words. Write 10, 20, or 30 words and once you have hold it back and look at it. Is there a pattern? Is there something connected between them? Is there a hidden emotion that boils through? Find a use and create something with these words. I promise you can surprise even yourself if you try.
4. Take a camera and shoot random pictures. Go to the park and take pictures of leaves, trees, rocks. Find the beauty that you are searching for. It doesn’t matter really the point is to clear your mind and look at things from a different perspective.
5. Use a dream you’ve had and create a story from that. We have all had insane dreams that do not make sense. Well, make sense out of it. Look at the novels and movies that are out in the world. Not everything has to make sense. Some of the best pieces of works were laughed at in the beginning.
6. Be on your guard. Ideas can happen anywhere at anytime. I, myself, keep journals EVERYWHERE so that I never forget an idea. If I am at dinner I can grab my phone and jot down a few lines and get back to the story when I have a chance. I have journals in my purse, in my car, in my work bag. I make sure that I have the opportunity to remember because I have lost so many wonderful ideas by not having anywhere to record them.
7. Talk to people. Be interested in their lives. Histories are walking all around you everyday. Struggles are happening right in your neighborhood. Triumphs are everywhere. People are one of our best resources as writers. Take advantage of them. Interview your grandparents, talk to the mailman, speak with an officer. Everyone has something unique about them. Find it and create around it.
8. Be someone else. Have you ever had those moments where you almost forget that You are YOU? Maybe you were washing the dishes and you lost yourself in your work. Maybe you were talking to someone and you didn’t “feel” like yourself at that point? I have done that countless times. Hone that skill. Allow yourself to drift away and wonder what you would be like if you were in a different time, or even if you were someone completely different. Think about how they would think. What would they wear? What is their story?
9. Find the simplicity. Writing should not be a difficult task. If you love writing then you should be able to love it freely. Allow yourself to do just that. Open your heart to the words, characters, plots, scenes, and everything else that writing entails.
10. Gather your collected efforts and create something Outstanding. You ARE Capable. You are talented. You have something important to say. Share it with the World.. Please.


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