Going on a Mini-Vacation!

So the man I live with is taking me on a mini-vacation before school starts back up. We decided to go to Eureka Springs, AR. In case you don’t know anything about Eureka Springs, don’t worry because I don’t either! Apparently there are a TON of things to do there including visiting the “Most Haunted Hotel in America!” Eek! That’s one of the items on my Bucket List! http://susiereece.com/my-bucket-list/ So I am very excited about that! Have I mentioned that I haven’t been away from my kids in over 3 years. Excluding running to the grocery store or the occasional event or activity. So no more than a few hours away from those precious dirt covered gems for this mom.

I must admit that I am a little apprehensive because the Grunt is a handful. I know they will be more than fine with Nana and Poppy though and they will have a blast as well. I see jet-skis and four-wheelers in their immediate future. Once I can manage to tear myself away from them I just hope I won’t worry too much! I need a break from everything that I do just for a bit. Don’t worry though I plan to take loads of photos. So be prepared to get tired of them!

In case you don’t know where Eureka Springs is I thought I would share a map with you.
EurekaSpringsMap That’s it there in the red.

We head out tomorrow and I have packed the car down. I still don’t understand how such little people can need so much stuff!

IMG_3512.JPG I feel like I need a Hummer to carry all of their stuff and then a trailer behind it to pull me in. Whew. So I got them all packed and I am doing my best not to forget anything but I am sure I will forget something of great importance. As I am typing this I see a naked baby crawling through the house. BRB.

Ok, we are going to be gone for a few days so I will be checking over things here and there but I won’t be able to really respond until next week. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and wish me luck. My mommyphobias are already trying to get me!!!

2 thoughts on “Going on a Mini-Vacation!

  1. Small world, I actually lived in Tulsa for a few years and have been to Eureka Springs!! It is a very cute town, have fun!!!! 🙂



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