Blame the World

Blame is an amazing concept. It allows so many to free themselves from responsibility. Whether it be from the responsibility of owning their actions, from accepting and relaying the truth, or even from admitting their failures.

Many who are wrong place the blame on something, someone, or even sometime other than realizing that they are the cause. You can make excuses and shift blame but the truth will not change. Neither will you.

When you find all of the world is against you and you are the only constant in your drama and unhappiness maybe things are not how you perceive them to be. Maybe you have imagined yourself to be different from what you are. More than likely you are the cause and the reason.

Those who can accept their roles in mistakes, harm, or misdeeds and can confront and own those mistakes are those who will find themselves better off in the end. Those who blame everyone but themselves will find themselves alone in the end.

Regret will find you and then that blame will have to be dealt with. Often regret comes when changing is no longer an option. When that happens the opportunity for forgiveness is also long gone.

Don’t worry yourselves over our lives. Our lives will unfold as they should. Don’t bother us either. You are no longer allowed, wanted, or cared for. Your actions and time have destroyed all of your chances. I urge you to move on.

Sadly, we would have been true and loyal to you until the end had you only held respect for morality and honesty. Your unhappiness lies within your own hands. Just squeeze it a bit tighter and perhaps you can salvage what is left.

Enjoy the people you chose. I hope those strings aren’t too tight around your necks and your wallets.


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