#Blogtober14 Day 1: If I Won the Lottery

I found this blog prompt for the month of October which also happens to be the month I really want to get back to writing and blogging. I thought I would do my best to participate and practice my “skill” if you want to call it that! LOL


These bloggers created this Blogtober and you can visit their sites here: http://www.thedailytay.com/ and http://www.heleneinbetween.com Thanks for sharing and I hope I do it justice! Haha.

For Day 1 The Prompt is: “If you won the Lottery You’d…”

I am crazy. I mean honestly a little off in the brains. I can now admit to the world and blogosphere that this is something I had thought about quite in depth. I went as far as actually writing out a list. Yes, a list. I mean detailed with amounts on each expense kind of list too. I warned you though didn’t I? I’ve lost the list but I can still recall the ideas I had come up with.

First of all I would have to say that my actions post winning would be greatly dependent on the amount of money I had won. For this purpose we will say it is in the millions. I mean if we are going to dream we should dream big, right? I calculated costs and figured out everything that I would want or need or even like to do with my imaginary Scrooge McDuck Vault of money.

After having attempted to swim in said vault of money (which was no easy task I might add) I got about using the money in the manner for which it was meant. The first thing I would want to do is buy my grandparents a car. Awww. How sweet. I know it sounds sappy but it’s the truth. Think about 20,000 to 30,000 dollars in the face of millions, it’s nothing. I would buy them a car and even help them get someone to come in and buy groceries and cook for them if they would want. I would even send them on an expense paid trip to Las Vegas. That is where they were first married over 60 years ago and I just think it would be adorable for them to go back. They did a lot for me and it would be the least I could do for them.

Next I would set up trust funds for all of my children. These specific trusts would not be accessible until they were at least 25 and I would never tell my children about these accounts. I want my kids to move out and live their lives and make mistakes. I would want them to see how hard it can be financially in the world before they would find out that their lives could be easier. I would hope that by doing this, life itself would teach them to appreciate the money they would inherit.

I would want to build my perfect house. It would need lots of land and rooms for the kids. My husband would want a recording studio and I would like an office to write in as well as a room for my millions of plants. It would be the last house I would ever want. A place where friends and family could make memories and let laughter fill it. A place where I had built my own sanctuary.

Material thing I know but who wouldn’t be a little material? Other than Gandhi, you can’t use Gandhi against me. Moving on.

I’ve helped my grandparents, saved for my children, bought my house, and now I have a few others that I would like to “pay back.” My In Laws are on the top of my list because they have taken me in as a daughter, they have shared their family with me, and they have helped our family in ways I could never express. I don’t know how I would repay them but believe me I would find a way. I have a few friends that I would want to do something nice for without being ridiculous. People always worry about others taking advantage of someone with money but I know for a fact that I have good friends who wouldn’t do that. That’s not saying there wouldn’t be some people in my life who wouldn’t try, but I know who I would help and who I wouldn’t.

One of the things I would most love to do would be to donate money to my community. I would want the money to be spent on creating a shelter for homeless and for providing beds and food for those people. I would also want some money to go to the parks in our area so that my kids could share their love of fun and nature with other children. I would also like to purchase a plot of land and create an open Garden. This would be a place with an orchard, vegetable garden, and fruits. It would be a place where we could educate our kids and community and healthy foods and where our foods come from. It would be free for anyone to come and anyone could take some of the foods home with them.

After I had done all of those things I would want to travel a bit. I would want to take my kids to experience the world first hand. I would love to visit Fiji, Santorini, Scotland, New Zealand, and of course South Korea.

The evening I calculated what could be done with the winnings I realized that with Millions of dollars you could really help so many people and enjoy a lifestyle made of dreams as well. I wouldn’t want to simply blow all of the money on materialistic possessions. I would want to give a great deal to those who have nothing or no hope.

Go ahead, call me silly.


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