#Blogtober14 Day 2: Dream Job as a Child and Now


My dream job as a child, wow!

Well, I can’t recall what I wanted to be when I was a small child. I remember in my teenage years that I wanted to be an actress for quite some time. I imagined myself as having been one of those actresses who could lose herself to any role. It wasn’t about the fame (even then) it was about the ability to be able to experience life as different people over and over. It was about learning new sides of myself by letting go of who I was. It was about realizing emotions that I had never been able to experience before. It was about the work itself and not all of the things that go with that work.

In high school I dreamed of being a Television News Anchor. I thought that I wanted to work at a news station and I even had the chance to do an internship in Boston at CBS. I met a radio editor named James Cameron (not the Titanic Cameron) and I learned a great deal about that aspect of the media. It was intriguing and I loved it. Over time I fell away from that dream because it seemed like a smaller piece of something that was wanting to be expressed by me. I didn’t want to be limited by the truth because sometimes fiction is beautiful too.

Today I find myself wanting to write. I don’t simply want words to appear and be seen I want to write in a manner that others will be moved. I want to reveal ideas and information that people had never considered before. I want to enlighten in some way. Honestly I want to write so that I can enlighten myself as well.

I know that I have a great deal of work to do before I can get to that point in my “career” but I want to believe that I can do it one day. I feel like I still have time to learn and change and evolve into a better writer than what I am now.


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