#Blogtober14 Day 6: 10 Things you would tell yourself when you started blogging.


I really only started this blog in May of this year. I had a post here or there in April but I didn’t realize how much I would need and want to blog until about May. I still feel like a pre-school blogger. I am so new and there is so much information in this area not to mention so many people who have been blogging for years already. I am still learning so much and I think I probably always will be learning because technology is constantly upgrading and changing. With that being said, I will do my best to tell myself 10 things I wish I had known in the beginning. I can’t guarantee that I will listen though. ;p

1) Take your time. Blog when you can about what you want. Don’t let yourself get rushed into posting something just because you haven’t posted that day or even week.
2) Remember that this is for you first of all. Don’t let others make you feel any sort of way about what you are doing. If you are enjoying it then enjoy it.
3) You can post as many times as you want and no one can stop you, but I would suggest if you are going to do that make your posts interesting.
4) Find your niche. Bloggers write about EVERYTHING! The best bloggers write about subjects that are dear to their hearts.
5) This isn’t an English Class so don’t have a heart attack if your grammar isn’t perfect. At the same time never stop working to improve it. No one will read your words if they CAN’T understand them.
6) Let life inspire you. Don’t limit yourself and don’t constrain your ideas. Some of the best ideas can happen by accident.
7) It’s okay to vent but don’t let your blog be overrun by negativity. People want to find hope. They want to witness love. They want to experience laughter and above all they want to LIKE you.
8) It’s okay to take a break and collect yourself. It doesn’t mean you are a quitter. Quitting makes you a quitter. Breaks can make you better.
9) Never copy someone else’s work and if you use it put these little symbols around it (“”) then make sure you link back to that person’s blog, site, or article. No one wants their thoughts, ideas, or work stolen so just don’t do it.
10) Be yourself. Be yourself! Be yourself!! If they don’t like you than that’s okay. We can’t always like everyone, but we can like people who are genuine and real. Never pretend to be someone else just to get someone to like you. It isn’t worth it and it won’t last.

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