#Blogtober14 Day 10: I never thought blogging would…

Time for a little honesty here. Truthfully, I had a poor opinion about people that “blogged.” It wasn’t actually about the people, or the fact that they wrote on the Internet. It was my perception of what “blogging” was. I looked at it as something people did without really understanding how much was involved. I have learned that it is a process.

I never thought blogging would encompass so many things, but it does. Blogging for some is a way of life. Some bloggers find themselves by writing about their lives and experiences. Some create networks and relationships through causes and ideas. There are bloggers who share their opinions and guide consumers toward the best products for real people. Comedy bloggers litter the inter-webs with their humor and criticisms on every topic imaginable. People write about their children, clothing, creations, and complete nonsense. People are writing in ways that were not possible before.

Blogging is a culture all to itself. It is a world where people can rise to the top from the safety and comfort of their homes. It is a world where even though you can be hidden you can also be completely known. Blogging is a hodge podge of this and that and people who appreciate one another because they understand the effort that is put into the work.

I didn’t understand before. I looked at bloggers from an ignorant perspective. I carried around my journals (which I still do) and I somehow felt as though I was being “truer” to writing by doing so. I missed out on many chances and even more realizations about myself and my writing because I was limiting my words to one viewer. I have opened up my world by letting others in. Even though I am still new and people may not comment by the thousands I have allowed myself to publish for all the world to see. I never thought blogging would allow me this opportunity and yet it has done exactly that.

To all my (now) fellow bloggers I apologize for my jaded ignorance. I totally get it now. I totally understand how much effort, fear, and stress can go into a single post. I can also see the benefits of a post done well. Kudos to you all and thank you for accepting me as one of your own.

4 thoughts on “#Blogtober14 Day 10: I never thought blogging would…

  1. Before I started my blog I thought it must be so easy because so many people have blogs, but I was so wrong! You’re right, there is so much work there goes into it. Between designing, writing, promoting, growing it’s a job! I am also new to the blogging world and learning everyday but definitely feel like I’m growing through the process. Good luck on the future success of your blog!



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