Blogtober14 Day 12: Best Advice I’ve Ever Given

I’ve given a lot of advice over the years. I’ve listened and taken a lot of advice too! I think that I have had a few great pieces of advice and I would honestly say that the best ones would depend on the situation. I know one of my favorites is one that can apply to a lot of situations and a lot of people. People can’t be changed.

People can change and people do change but for the most part we are who we are. I think events can occur that can open our eyes. I think life can awaken parts of us that may have been dormant. I think love and loss can lead us onto different paths, but I think that many people stay the same. We have all dealt with difficult people. We have all been surrounded by people who are only out for themselves. We have been surrounded by liars and we have run into those who would only like to see us fail. We have to realize that WE are not going to change these people. If they are going to change they will have to be the ones who are in control of that. You cannot make someone better. You cannot take their flaws from them. You cannot feel responsible for someone else because they are not your responsibility (kids not included.)

Don’t lose yourself to hopes and wishes. Don’t feel like you are doing something wrong when it comes to someone in your life. We can only be supportive and accepting of someone or we can choose to let them go. It happens. It’s hard. It’s how life works. Don’t live your life hoping to change anyone else because you will end up losing more than you realize.


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