Blogtober14 Day 14: Funniest Childhood Memory

I was 12. Yes 12 years old and I remember that my Uncle had come over and was trying to help me learn to ride a bicycle on my own. I was a bit old but let’s just forget the age although it does only add to the story.

I was riding up and down our dirt road and somehow several of my aunts and uncles had shown up. As I was riding toward my uncle I steered the bicycle a bit in the wrong direction and was heading toward the concrete block wall that was only 3 blocks high. He was yelling at me to turn the other direction and I was yelling because for some reason that was the very moment I forgot how to steer, or pedal, or do anything else bicycle related. I ran straight into the wall going about 70mph and when the front tire hit the wall the bike flipped and I flipped with it. I ended up on the other side of the wall in a flower pot. Yes, my head was in a pot of flowers. Very cartoonish!

In the end, I got back up and right back on that bicycle. It is one of my funnier memories and it’s a bit embarrassing but hey I was a kid!


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