Blogtober14 Day 22: My Pet Peeves

I have to admit that I must have some issues because I think I have more Pet Peeves than any ONE person should have! Perhaps stress intensifies everything? Or maybe that is just an excuse! Let’s list a few…

1: Eating noises. I don’t mind crunching but it’s the fluid sounds that really get to me. My husband has made this worse over the years because if he knows he is irritating me he will only get louder to make me even happier!

2: Being late. I can’t stand being late and yet I am extremely impatient. What ends up happening is I get wherever I am going way too early and end up having to wait and I mentally curse myself every. single. time.

3: Wet pants legs. You know what I’m talking about.

4: Everyone who drives (excluding myself.) I may have a little road rage. Just a teency bit.

5: Crumbs in the bed. Ugh!

6: A dirty car interior.

7: All of the pet peeves that I have irritate me.

8: Ending a list on a number that isn’t even.

2 thoughts on “Blogtober14 Day 22: My Pet Peeves

  1. 1, 2, 5, me, too! But my 5 is that any crumbs, anywhere, are irritating to me. I clean tables at restaurants before I vacate them, no matter who was sitting with me, I clean up their mess, too. I found that when I gave up coffee, these and other pet peeves were much less bothersome.



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