Blogtober14 Day 23: Favorite Instagram Editing Apps

I am going with Phone Editing Apps on this one. I am going to list my favorite apps that I use for my iPhone!

1: VSCO Cam. I absolutely LOVE this app. It has a ton, ton, ton of filters. You could literally get lost in these filters and they are always coming out with new filters. I love updates. Updates are like getting something new for free!

2: FX Photo Studio: This also has some good filters, but I like to use this app for editing pictures on my phone.

3: InstaCollage Pro: This is a cool app for splicing different photos together with borders or without. I have used this one to do side by side comparisons. Love it.

4: Flipagram: This is a cool app to use to do a succession of photos as a video and add the video to a song.

5: Free Prints: This is amazing. It is an app that gives you 75+ FREE Photos a month. All you have to do is pay shipping and handling and they also do sales on that at times. Sometimes they will even offer extra free photos! I have printed some and the quality is good too! I absolutely LOVE free especially pictures because so often I forget to print photos. I have thousands built up on devices and hate having to go through everything. Printing from my phone is a major plus!

6: Last but Not Least is Postagram: This is one of my absolute favorites. You can turn your favorite photos into a postcard! It’s about $1 or so per postcard that’s with shipping. You find your favorite picture or pictures, add a message to the back, and choose who you want to send it to. It normally takes a day or so before they send it out. The cool thing is the photo can be popped out from the card! We love sending these to family just to let them know we are thinking about them. Also, if you get a postagram you can scan the code and get free ones. They also do sales from time to time too. I buy credits so I can just go in and send them out whenever I want. Love it!!!

There’s my editing picks. I hope you guys will check them out if you haven’t heard of them before.

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