Blogtober14 Day 24: One Beauty Product You Can’t Live Without

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t wear makeup all the time. I do wear makeup, but I really only wear it when I have an event or occasion. I just am not one to spend the time on my face. Call me lazy if you want!

Honestly though, I have always taken care of my skin and I noticed a long time ago that my face did not like it if I wore makeup too often. It’s just not my thing. One thing that some people may not know is that I do have a regimen that I use to keep my skin clean and soft. I use a moisturizer at night after I clean my face. My favorite products are Oil of Olay and Clinique. I have tried a bunch of different brands but seem to always come back to these.

So my product would be a good facial moisturizer! Skin needs moisture to stay young and soft. 🙂


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