Blogtober14 Day 25: Favorite Book

Oh my! This is one of the hard ones. I can’t discriminate against the Books!!! I am a lover of all things written. If you ever saw my collection you would think I was either really bored, a genius, or insane. I have books about everything. I do mean everything. I have philosophy books, religious books, novels, autobiographies, history books, extra-sensory books, marketing books, fiction, books from when I was a child, books, books, books.

I think that the one I have gotten the most use out of would be my Enneagram book. What is that you say! Well, an Enneagram is a diagram that tracks personalities and which is used to understand and teach that there are nine interconnected personality types with subtypes or wings. I know that did a great job of explaining. Now that you still don’t know it is a personality typing book. I actually have several of these types of books, but my favorite is this one:

I found this particular book when I was 19 and I read through the entire thing. I had notes and I even had people find their own personality in the book. I loved it. I moved and lost the book and I HAD to buy another copy. I hate that I lost the first copy but at least I have one.

I like this book because it shows that we have high points and low points in our personalities. It shows us what are behaviors are in these points too. I have used this book to type people and to help me navigate the terrors of interpersonal relationships! Agh!

So I guess this would be my favorite of all the books simply because it is probably the one I have gone back to time and time again.

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