Blogtober14 Day 27: A Letter to Your Younger Self

Dear Susie-
I am from the future. I am writing this letter with only my mind! No, I’m kidding. Although I am from the future I am writing this in the hopes that some part of you that still needs to hear these words will listen. I want that younger version of who we are to understand.

I remember so many things and yet my mind today is filled with more than even you can imagine. I have found love. I have found family. I have found my way even when I was certain I would always be lost. You are the beginning of who I am now. You are the untouched clay to my use worn pot. I know that you are uncertain of life and all of the people in it. I know that you are hopeful and yet terrified all at once. I know the deepest thoughts and wishes that are locked deep within your ever-beating heart. I hear those pleas and whispers and I want to tell you that you will be fine.

You will find forgiveness for those who have harmed you. You will find compassion for those who once filled you with fear. You will find the strength you have always struggled to muster. You will experience a love unlike any you have ever desired and it will change you. You will never again be the girl you were and yet you will be allowed to blossom into a mother despite your own fears. I know that you can because I am here after time has slipped from you. I am here within the world your love created. You will do well because you are determined to do so.

Listen to your heart. Guard it, but never close it off from the rest of the world. Experience all that you can and create monumental memories. Stay out late and wake up early. Don’t let time escape your grasp. Take care of all of you. Work on your mind. Strengthen your heart. Protect your body. You will make mistakes. You will act foolishly. You will create regrets, but all of these things are going to push you to be better. These dark marks will not define you they will inspire you.

Be smart. Use your talents. Improve your weaknesses and never stop aiming for all that you crave. Also, you should invest in Apple IPO. Believe me it will pay off.

-Future (not old) Susie

© Susie Reece 2014


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