One thought on “In the Face of Tragedy…

  1. One Gentleman – One Gentlemans Perspective, UAE – Professionally, I am not a writer. My passion is in the realm of finance, so my expertise helps my clients protect their assets. However, I enjoy writing when the time permits. I believe we all have a story to tell, especially the individual who believes that his or her story is meaningless to others. I ventured into the blogging arena because of my wife. She believed that my message on shining a light on the gentleman's lifestyle, was worth sharing beyond her listening ear. Through her push and creation, the moniker One Gentleman was born. I am young professional newlywed, striving to create a better version of himself, while sharing One Gentleman's Perspective in the process. I share information the best way I know—through past mistakes or lessons from my elders.
    One Gentleman says:

    This is a concept I often promote. A person is not defined by their failures, but is instead represented by how they react to said failures. I also believe, we cannot control the actions of others in the external environment. However, we can control how we react to them. Great point of view

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