Blogtober14 Day 29: Most Embarrassing Moment

Unfortunately I have had many embarrassing moments. I am a clumsy person plus there are times when my mouth makes words that my brain did not filter beforehand. This can also lead to embarrassment. I have sifted through my memories and found one that I think will make due as embarrassing enough.

I was in High School at the time. We had just let out of our gym class a bit early. The guys and girls alternated between gym and health class which were held in the same building. Once class was over we could all gather in the gym and wait for the bell together.

I have always worn high heels for as long as I have been allowed to. Our gym class had just had volleyball that day and the nets had been let down. I was walking across the gym floor when everyone was standing by the doors. As I walked across the floor one of my heels got caught in the net.

Somehow I jerked my leg and was tossed into the air landing on my back. At this point I didn’t know if I should lie in the floor or jump up as quickly as I could in the hopes that no one had noticed.

As I got to my feet I looked over to see that all eyes were indeed on me.

Just another day in the life of Susie.


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