Buy the Children’s Guide to Parenting on Amazon Kindle Now!

Have you fought with little people over bedtimes and meals? Have you found yourself pleading on your hands and knees for potty training success? Do you frequently resort to bribes and threats even though you once swore you never would? Kids don’t come with an instruction manual.For those who need one and those who simply enjoy a good laugh about the adventure that is child rearing, the CHILDREN’S GUIDE TO PARENTING is here to help. Emerging writer, Susie Reynolds Reece challenges adults to see children as teachers and through a humorous lens. In easy-to-read essays, brimming with universal messages the mother of 3 tells her own ‘family tales’ of how raising her kids has enriched her sense of humor beyond her wildest expectations. Reece’s colorful candor, straightforward, sometimes silly style and wry sense of humor is sure to tickle the funny bone of all who know and love children, meaning that her audience is…just about everyone! Give yourself and/or someone you love relief–comic relief! —buy Children’s Guide to Parenting now!

Find my latest book on Amazon here.

Find my latest book on Amazon here.



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