Cracked, Not Broken Suicide Prevention Conference

Kevin Hines coined the perfect term, “Cracked, Not Broken,” to describe what many people the world over want known about living with a mental illness.
If we could all see one another’s cracks, would we be more understanding and accepting of each other?

The simple truth is, everyone has mental health and that mental health can fluctuate on any given day. Mental illness has been stigmatized for so long, because it was simply misunderstood. Our hope is to start the conversation and shine light onto what has been a dark topic.
Join us, the United Way of Garland County, the Arkansas Department of Health, and many more within our community on March 10 at the Frederick Dierks Building from 9-5pm at National Park College to be a part of a much needed discussion.
We are still accepting art submissions for our exhibition and contest. If you have any questions about the conference, please contact Susie Reece at (501) 249-9758 or reecesusie@ymail.com.

Photo Credit: Brad James, Owner Night Owl Productions


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