Check In and Check Up

It’s scary to consider openly admitting things society has told us shouldn’t even be in our heads. Telling people that you have or are suffering can be one of the hardest things you may ever do, but finding those who willingly offer you support without you ever having to ask…. that makes my heart melt.

It’s been a long, emotionally, and mentally trying week. I’ve had lots of downs, and several ups.

I have to say some of the best parts of this week have been the work I’ve been able to produce (like this piece) with organizations like 61 Celsius, CHI St. Vincent, Todd Marchese Photography, Accessible Legal Services and so many other amazing organizations.

But of everything I’ve experienced these past few days, I can’t thank the people who have personally called me, spoken with me, texted me, and checked on my mental and emotional well-being enough. Just, WOW.

Thank you for being proof that we can do more together.

It is a relief to know that people DO understand. There are people who don’t expect perfection at all times. They give you room to breathe, and sometimes they tell you when and how you need to do it.

Don’t let fear keep you silently suffering. I’m proof that you can take tragedy and make it so much more.

Please share the Suicide Prevention Allies page and the work we are so passionately proud to be able to produce.

We are here to help, one life at a time.


Always, Father

Remembering my father on the day he left so long ago. I’ll never know all the minutes we’ve never had, the smiles, laughter, tears, life lessons and the love… What our lifetimes should have been.

Broken clocks aren’t always right twice a day. Sometimes those fragile hands will never hold you again.

My purpose is to help keep the pain I, and so many others, know all too well from spreading.

Please, if you are struggling, ask for help. You are not alone. You’re never alone. We don’t want to miss you, too.

For my father, David Reynolds, forever loved and never forgotten.