Star Date Tuesday: What’s the date again?

7:45am Eureka! Find a new awesome community resource! Have a “proud of myself for being nosey” moment.

8:05am Assist on developing a new personalized suicide prevention presentation for a colleague, schedule future trainings, and work on some seriously exciting projects that are underway together. Get some positive reinforcement on my training style and mentally notate ways to continue to improve. Have a moment of gratitude for the people in my life.

9:15am Realize my breakfast is cold and eat it anyway. Begin compiling materials and notes into a cohesive strategy for a new suicide prevention program. Lots of music and solitude.

9:45am Answer emails. I’m really behind on emails. Feel guilty for being so behind. Tap tap tap

10:25am Setup a Fetal alcohol and substance use prevention training for Hot Springs at Changepoint Pregnancy Center on October 19th. (Open to the public 8:30-4:30pm)

10:35am Organize calendar and go over preparing for the rest of the week. Work out travel (in my head) to and from trainings in Little Rock Thursday and Friday. Wonder how Andre’ is doing. Forget to text him.

10:45am Give Miss Victorious Pageant Co-Director some bullying prevention materials and discuss school suicide prevention needs. Exchange some “battle stories”, encouragement, and support. Gain a few new takeaways.

11:22am Help another colleague brainstorm a new suicide prevention approach. Start a new collaboration and project. Exchange excitement and more encouragement. Realize how much of an awesome ally she’s going to be. Ridiculous grin ensues.

11:50am Prep for tomorrow’s Comprehensive Wellness Services Presentation and setup deliverable handouts. Serious face.

12:30pm Realize it’s lunchtime. What was I just thinking again?

12:45pm Organize materials for end of month and end of year reporting. (My favorite.) Sarcasm Face. For a moment, wonder if I have a sarcasm face?

1:25pm Realize I forgot to eat lunch. Again. Get back into the Mactop.

1:45pm Run out the door to finally grab lunch and head to a meeting while carrying 60lbs of materials to give away tomorrow. Wonder if this counts as a workout? Smile at strangers and their normal looks of confusion as they see me.

1:30pm Fight with Siri over GPS for a good 4 minutes. Defeat the automaton. Do a victory car dance.

2:45pm Answer emails and listen to a new podcast on Public Speaking as I wait on my meeting to start. Start looking for material for the new project. Wish I had more time in the day.

2:50pm Run back to my car after I realize I forgot something important. Then forget what I forgot. Remember face.

2:50pm Text Andre’.

2:55pm Professional face aka Face Face

2:58pm Idea from face face thought. Post to Facebook. Wonder if anyone else is as weird as I am? Realize today is a slow day. What’s today again? Only Tuesday? What?!


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