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Day of Thanks

Many in the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving today.

Unfortunately, there are people who find they do not have anyone to celebrate with. Some cultures recognize today as a day of mourning instead of thanks. There are soldiers who are in foreign countries and cannot share this day with their family. Many people cannot afford to take today off and celebrate thankfulness. And dedicated others are sacrificing their holiday to ensure our communities are safe.

No matter how you honor your values today, remember we are all united by our humanity. When it comes down to it, we are thankful for all of you. Your beliefs, your values, your humor, your pains, your lives.

We thank each and everyone of you for allowing us to share in your worlds, whatever they may look like.

Thank you to those who serve, those who helped shape our understanding of culture, those who sacrifice for others, those who push forward during tough times. You are all amazing. You are amazing.


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